How to Check Location on Snapchat

Find out how to enable location services on Snapchat. After you turn it on, you will be marked on the map and your friends can see where you based.

Click to see instructions for your operating system:

  1. Android
  2. Windows
  3. iOS

For Android:

  1. At first, start Snapchat on your device. Snapchat Home Page
  2. On the home page in the left bottom corner, click on Map. Snapchat Map page
  3. Click Allow to access to the use of maps. Snapchat Allow use map
  4. After that, click Allow to use location by Snapchat. Snapchat Allow use location
  5. In the end, click Allow to use this device's locations by Snapchat. Snapchat Allow to access location
  6. Success, on the map you can see your location. Snapchat your location

For iOS:

  1. In the beginning, open Snapchat on your phone. Snapchat Home Page
  2. Next step, click on the profile icon in the left upper corner. Snapchat Home page
  3. In the opened list, scroll to Snap Map and click on Open. Snapchat Open Snap map
  4. After that will be an open map, in the right upper corner click on the Settings icon. Snapchat Settings icon
  5. In the pop-up window, click on Go to Settings. Snapchat Go to settings
  6. Select item Location. Snapchat Location
  7. In this place, click on While Using the App. Snapchat while using this app
  8. Congratulations, now you can back to the snap map and see yourself on the map. Snapchat your location

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