Find ARRIS WR2100 IP on Linux

Find ARRIS WR2100 IP on Linux

Are you one of the people who use Linux and you wonder how you can access your router's IP address? Linux and Windows have similar methods to get to a router's IP address. If you need to access your router's IP address on Linux, but have a problem with that, then this guide is for you! After reading it, you will learn all the necessary information you need, including the answer to the main question How to find the IP address of a router in Linux? How to go to router settings to find IP address with Linux? How, having Linux, find the router's IP address? Please read our manual carefully and find your router's IP address.

How to find ARRIS WR2100 IP on Linux:

  1. Click in the right bottom corner on the menu. Permanently delete data from ARRIS WR2100
  2. Next step, in search, write "Terminal". Need double click on the Terminal icon. 
    Hard Reset ARRIS WR2100 HardReset ARRIS WR2100
  3. Then enter into console ip route show command. Factory Reset ARRIS WR2100
  4. Last one, in the result, find the default via and next will be your IP address. Master Reset ARRIS WR2100
  5. Perfect job! This is your ARRIS WR2100 IP address, just enter it in the web browser address field and you will be able to log in to ARRIS WR2100 setup.

How to find ARRIS WR2100 IP address, if you don't have access to admin account:

  1. First of all, need click the Ethernet or Wi-Fi icon at the top right corner with the left mouse button. Wipe data on ARRIS WR2100
  2. Secondly, choose your Network connection and click on the Settings. 
    Format ARRIS WR2100 Restore ARRIS WR2100
  3. Then press on the Settings icon near yout Netwok connection. Remove screen password on ARRIS WR2100
  4. Find Default Route section. Remove Screen Lock on ARRIS WR2100
  5. Excellent! This number is your ARRIS WR2100 IP address.

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