How to put ASPERA Wren in recovery mode?

How to enter Recovery mode on smartphone or tablet? How to open Recovery mode on ASPERA Wren? How to boot Recovery mode on device? How to use Recovery mode on ASPERA device? How to exit Recovery mode?
The hidden function of Android 8.1 Go Edition called Recovery mode, follow our tutorial to learn how to use it.

ASPERA Wren Recovery Mode

  1. Firsly, press Power Rocker for a moment to completely turn off your mobile. ASPERAWren PK
  2. At second, press and hold together for a few moments these two buttons: Volume Up + Power Rocker. ASPERAWren PK+VUP
  3. Nextly, release the held keys as soon as the Aspera logo appears on the screen.
  4. Perfect job, the Recovery Menu should shows up on the screen. You can move in this mode by using Volume Buttons and confirm selections with Power Key. ASPERAWren Recovery

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