Hard Reset BAKUSA Seal 8 LTE

First method:

  1. This first step you can bypass if you have a physical keyboard, otherwise from Login screen tap on Ease of Access icon and open On-Screen Keyboard.Format BAKUSA Seal 8 LTE
  2. Tap on Power icon then holding SHIFT key press Restart.Factory Reset BAKUSA Seal 8 LTE
  3. The BAKUSA Seal 8 LTE will reboot and take you to troubleshooting screen. Choose Troubleshoot.Master Reset BAKUSA Seal 8 LTE
  4. Connect the charger to BAKUSA Seal 8 LTE.
  5. Then tap on Reset this PC.Wipe data on BAKUSA Seal 8 LTE
  6. Next choose Remove everything to erase your BAKUSA Seal 8 LTE.Format BAKUSA Seal 8 LTE
  7. Success.
See the Next method!

Hard Reset will erase all of your data
All described operations you are doing at your own risk.

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