How to Download Firmware for BLU VIVO Air LTE?

The following database is gathering the stock firmware for Blu devices. Check out if the flash for BLU VIVO Air LTE is available. All files contain Blu official stock firmware. You can download Android software for BLU VIVO Air LTE completely free. Use the following flash to update, downgrade or simply flash BLU VIVO Air LTE. Use the table below to find model, firmware name and Android version of software.

Model Firmware name Android
Advance 4M Blu Advance 4M A090 SC7731 20180206 6.0 SPD 6.0
Advance 5.5 HD A070U Blu Advance 5.5 HD A070U MT6580 V06 19102016 -
B309A Blu B309A V0.4.4 20130725 SPD -
C4 BLU C4 SC7731e 27072018 8.1.0 SPD 8.1
C5 BLU C5 MT6570 16072018 5.0 5.0
C5 BLU C5 SC7731 13072018 8.1.0 SPD 8.1
Studio 5.5 D600 Blu D600 MT6580 180611 8.1.0 8.1
G HD LTE Blu G HD LTE S0250UU MT6737M V07 6.0 6.0
Life Max Blu Life Max L0110UU MT6737M V14 23112016 6.0
Mix X Plus Blu Mix X Plus MT6580 180820 6.0 6.0
Neo X Blu Neo X N071 20170329 5.1 SPD 5.1
P60W Blu P60W V09 20140510 LS -
P200 Blu P200 V17 20130913 QFIL -
P200i Blu P200i V02 20130530 QFIL -
V051 Blu V051 MT6580 V7.0.03.03 170606 -
R2 R010P BLU R2 R010P MT6580 16072018 7.0 7.0
S5 BLU S5 SC9832 17082018 8.1.0 SPD 8.1
Selfie S470i Blu Selfie S470I V13 MT6592 -
Selfie V030L Blu Selfie V030L MT6582 V12 -
Studio C D890U Blu Studio C 5+5 D890U MT6582 250915 5.0 5.0
Studio M4 BLU Studio M4 SC7731 20180228 6.0 6.0
Studio View XL Blu Studio View XL MT6580 20180312 7.0 7.0
Studio View XL Blu Studio View XL MT6580 20180513 8.1.0 8.1
Touch Book 7.0 Lite P50 Blu Touch Book 7.0 Lite P50 V03 130225 LS -
Touch Book 8.0 P220 Blu Touchbook 8.0 P220 MT6582 V01 12112014 -
Touch Book M7 P271L Blu Touchbook M7 P271L MT6580 08082017 -
T6690 Blu V0090EE MT6753 V20 T6690 05042017 -
T6357 Blu V0090LL MT6753 V05 T6357 29122016 -
V303X BLU V303X MT6750 26122017 -
Vivo 5 Mini BLU_V303X_MT6750_26122017.zipBlu Vivo 5 Mini S4033 MT6580 20170421 6.0 6.0
Vivo 5 Mini BLU_V303X_MT6750_26122017.zipBlu Vivo 5 Mini V050EQ MT6580 6.0
Vivo 5R T8598 BLU Vivo 5R V0090EE MT6753 V7.0.04.00 T8598 13092017 -
Vivo 5R Blu Vivo 5R V0090UU MT6753 V25 08272016 -
Vivo 8 T7280 Blu Vivo 8 V0150LL MT6755 V7.0.04.00 T7280 12012018 7.0
Vivo 8L T6140 Blu Vivo 8L V0190UU MT6753 V7.0.04.00 T6140 02022018 -
Vivo Air LTE BLU Vivo Air LTE V0010UU V13 12112015 QFIL -
Vivo One Plus BLU Vivo One Plus MT6739 20180206 7.1.1 7.1.1
Vivo X T6183 BLU Vivo X V0230WW MT6757 V7.0.04.00 T6183 31012018 -
Z190 Blu Z190 V03.00 REPAIR ANATEL 20170821 SPD -

In order to flash your BLU VIVO Air LTE you need to check out either your device is using MTK (the firmware name should contain "MT") or Qualcomm chipset(the firmware name should contain "MSM"). In the case of MTK, you need to use the SP Flash tool to flash the software.

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