Block Number BQ Aquaris E6

The easy way to block number on BQ Aquaris E6. Let's find out how to create the blacklist on BQ Aquaris E6. By using our tutorial you can block both calls and text messages.

  1. Do not delay blacklisting the mobile number which is disturbing you lately. To Block Number, be on the Aquaris E6 BQ main screen and tap on the Handset icon.Aquaris E6 BQ Handset Icon
  2. See a searchbar in the top? On the right side of it click on three dots.Aquaris E6 BQ Dots
  3. Right after that select Settings.Aquaris E6 BQ Settings
  4. You opened a long list, but we only need to go in Blocked Numbers.Aquaris E6 BQ Blocked Numbers
  5. Tap on Add a Number.Aquaris E6 BQ Add a Number
  6. Please dial this annoying number in the textbox.Aquaris E6 BQ Dial Number
  7. Check if it's correct, because you don't want to block the wrong person. If yes, press Block below.Aquaris E6 BQ Block Number
  8. Whew, this number is blocked now, good job.Aquaris E6 BQ Number Blocked

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