Reset Camera BQ BQ-5590 Spring

If the taken photos or videos looking weird or have some unknown issues you should perform reset camera settings. We present the easy tutorial of restoring camera defaults in BQ device. You will be able to learn how to get into advanced settings of your camera and bring back the factory camera configuration which should repair all of the problems connected with the camera performance.

How to reset the camera on BQ BQ-5590 Spring? How to restore camera defaults on BQ BQ-5590 Spring? How to fix the camera on BQ BQ-5590 Spring? How to bring back factory camera configurations on BQ BQ-5590 Spring? How to repair the camera in BQ BQ-5590 Spring?

  1. You should Reset Camera if it doesn’t take pictures as it used to or you have any problems. Start by, opening a Camera App by tapping on it. BQ-5590 Spring BQ Camera icon
  2. When you're there, find and tap on the gear wheel on the bottom panel. It is Camera Settings. BQ-5590 Spring BQ Camera Settings
  3. Now, we need to click on More key in the right upper corner, to see what can we do. BQ-5590 Spring BQ More key
  4. Here, to reset all settings to factory, we can press on Restore Defaults. BQ-5590 Spring BQ Restore Defaults
  5. Excellent! We hope the Reset Camera guide helped you to fix the problems you had. If you have problems with other options, you can find solutions on this site or on our facebook. BQ-5590 Spring BQ Done

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