Reset Camera BQ BQS-4560 Golf

  1. After unsuccessful setup of the camera on your BQS-4560 Golf BQ, photos can be of poor quality or using the camera will be inconvenient. To fix all problems, it is enough to reset all camera settings to the factory. To do it, first of all, go to the Camera App.BQS-4560 Golf  BQ Switch
  2. Here, we can find the gear wheel on the bottom panel. It is Camera Settings. Click on it to open.BQS-4560 Golf  BQ Mode on
  3. Now, press on More key in the right upper corner, to see what camera options we can use.BQS-4560 Golf  BQ Camera icon
  4. Okay! Remains only tap Restore Defaults to reset all settings to factory.BQS-4560 Golf  BQ Camera Settings
  5. All right! We hope this guide has helped you solve all the problems with the camera. Come back again if you have any other problems. This site has thousands of solutions to any problems.{image39}}

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