Change Language BQ BQS-5515 Wide

  1. Your BQS-5515 Wide BQ may use a difficult language for you. You should change the language to make it easier to use. We'll help you change it for a few easy steps. The first thing we need to do its enters the Setting app.BQS-5515 Wide BQ Settings
  2. Here, you can tap on Language & Input line to see all of the languages functions.BQS-5515 Wide BQ Languages & Input
  3. In this window, find and press on the Languages section. Also, you can see a current language beneath in this menu.BQS-5515 Wide BQ Languages
  4. After that, to open a list with all available languages you need to press on Add a Language .BQS-5515 Wide BQ Add a language
  5. Finally, you can choose any language you want.BQS-5515 Wide BQ Choose language
  6. Nice Job! Our guide clearly shows step by step how to change the language in the easiest way. If this guide helped you, follow us on Facebook.

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