Hard Reset CANON PIXMA TR4550

You can reset CANON PIXMA TR4550 back to its default printer settings. Learn how to Factory Reset CANON PIXMA TR4550.
Follow our instructions and all CANON PIXMA TR4550 settings will be reset to defaults. All data saved on CANON PIXMA TR4550 will be pernamently deleted so think twice before you proceed with CANON PIXMA TR4550 reset process. If your CANON PIXMA TR4550 is stucked or freezes during printing or you have problems with Wi-Fi connection, follow this simple guide and after CANON PIXMA TR4550 reset errors should disappear.

First method:

  1. To begin CANON PIXMA TR4550 reset operation your printer must be turned off, if not power printer off by clicking Power Key. CANON PIXMA TR4550 power key
  2. Now click and hold Stop Button. CANON PIXMA TR4550 power button
  3. After about two seconds click and hold Power Button.
  4. Keep both buttons pressed together for another two seconds.
  5. Release Stop Button, but keep holding Power Button.
  6. Click Stop Button five times one by one while holding Power Button all the time. CANON PIXMA TR4550 power button
  7. Finally CANON PIXMA TR4550 reboots itself and after about one minute will be ready to work.
  8. Good Job! All settings including Ink Cartridge Counter in CANON PIXMA TR4550 has been reset.

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Hard Reset will erase all of your data.
All described operations you are doing at your own risk.
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