Open Admin Page on CBN CG7486E

How to open CBN CG7486E admin page:

To change CBN CG7486E settings you need to open CBN CG7486E admin page. To do that you need to check what is CBN CG7486E IP address. You will also need CBN CG7486E password and default router login.

  1. The first thing you need to do is to connect to CBN CG7486E.
  2. Next, find router IP, you can check CBN CG7486E IP here.
  3. Then open a web browser and enter the router IP address in the address field. CBN CG7486E Default IP in web browser
  4. You will see CBN CG7486E login page.
    CBN CG7486E Default password
  5. Enter CBN CG7486E factory login :: admin; and default router password :: admin
  6. Fantastic! You should see CBN CG7486E settings main page, where you can change customize CBN CG7486E Wi-Fi name and WiFi password.

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