How to remote control Android CITYCALL I8550?

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How to disable remote control on Android CITYCALL I8550?

How to enable screen mirroring in CITYCALL I8550? How to remote control a PC by your CITYCALL I8550? How to stream a PC screen to your CITYCALL I8550? How to control Windows by CITYCALL I8550? How to control the PC operating system by CITYCALL I8550? How to control windows by Android in CITYCALL I8550? How do Start Screen mirroring between windows and Android in CITYCALL I8550? How to stream PC display wirelessly on CITYCALL I8550? How to remote control a PC for free by your CITYCALL I8550? How to control a computer by CITYCALL I8550? How to manage a PC desktop on your CITYCALL I8550?

Every day we use our telephones for a lot of things, beginning with the simplest phone functions like calling/texting but also for playing games, listening to music, watching videos, etc. But sometimes could be comfortable to share the screen of our Personal Computer / Laptop with a mobile device to control it remotely. With our tutorial, you will be able to mirror your PC screen to your CITYCALL I8550. Stay with us and learn how to stream your PC Screen and how to remote control it with full of windows features and possibilities. There is no need to connect both devices to the same Wi-Fi so you can control/stream your PC screen from anywhere! Let's download Free App - Google Remote Desktop and forget about the necessity to get up to switch music, play another movie on your computer, etc.

  1. Primarily, Go to Google Play Store and look for Chrome Remote Desktop, download it by install button. CITYCALL I8550 App store
  2. In the next step, open the app from your Home Screen and choose Sign In. CITYCALL I8550 Chrome Remote Desktop Sign In
  3. There, choose to Add your Google account and log in.
    CITYCALL I8550 Chrome Remote Desktop Add Account CITYCALL I8550 Chrome Remote Desktop Google account
  4. Now, you have to open Google Chrome on your PC / Laptop and visit, choose to Get Started, and Log In to the same Google Account.
    CITYCALL I8550 Chrome Remote Desktop Start CITYCALL I8550 Google Account Sign In
  5. Installation of Google Chrome is necessary only to install extensions but later, you can connect to Chrome Remote Desktop without switching on Google Chrome before.
  6. Afterward, touch on Blue Circle to download Google Extension and tap Add to Chrome on the window that should appear.
    CITYCALL I8550 configure Chrome Remote Desktop CITYCALL I8550 Chrome Remote Desktop add to crhome
  7. Continue by Add Extension, if you successfully added this feature, you should see a notification about that on the small notification.
    CITYCALL I8550 Add extension Chrome Remote Desktop CITYCALL I8550 Chrome Remote Desktop Has been Added
  8. Nextly, we have to Set up a Remote Desktop on the PC, choose your name, tap Continue, then set a PIN, to start the program touch on RUN.
    CITYCALL I8550 Chrome Remote Desktop Name CITYCALL I8550 Chrome Remote Desktop PIN
  9. In the next step, go back to your Phone. You should see your PC on the list (remember to connect both devices with the same Google Account!), tap on your computer name, enter your PIN, and continue with the blue arrow icon.
    CITYCALL I8550 turn on Chrome Remote Desktop CITYCALL I8550 start screen streaming
  10. We recommended Wi-Fi Connection! Using Screen Mirroring with Mobile Data could be very expensive!
  11. Amazing work! You successfully connect your PC & CITYCALL, there you can remote control your personal computer by your Phone!
    CITYCALL I8550 display mirroring CITYCALL I8550 screen windows mirroring
  12. Touch a three white stripes icon on the right lower corner to show the keyboard or enable Trackpad mode.
    CITYCALL I8550 Chrome Remote Desktop options CITYCALL I8550 Chrome Remote Desktop Keyboard
  13. There, you can also enter Settings.
    CITYCALL I8550 Chrome Remote Desktop Trackpad mode CITYCALL I8550 Chrome Remote Desktop Settings
  14. Well done! Now, you know how to manage wirelessly your Personal Computer! Select Disconnect to end Screen Mirroring.
    CITYCALL I8550 Chrome Remote Desktop options CITYCALL I8550 Chrome Remote disconnect

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