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What to do when Google Play does not function properly?

Google Play in all Android device is one of the most important places in today's mobile devices. Why? Becauce that is where all of your necessery apps are "located" and from where you can easily download them from free or buy them. But what happens when this basic app just will not cooperate with you? Here are a few of our tips for what to do when the Google Play does not function properly.
1. Clear cache - Go to Settings, then Applications Manager and find the Google Play Store. Click on it and find "Clear cache". Cache is used to remember our actions in order for the app to work faster. However, sometimes a mistake may occur and therefore the Google Play may not function properly. 


Application Manager


Google Play Store


Clear Cache
2. Clear data - if the first solution is not helpful, you may try more drastic one. In the same place click on "Clear data". However, you must remember that by doing it you will erase all of your settings and changes you have made while using the Google Play Store. 


Application Manager


Google Play Store


Clear Data
3. Uninstall Updates - sometimes an update can do more harm then good. That is why still in the same place you can try clicking on "Uninstall Update". 
Uninstall Update
4. Use the newer version - maybe your app is just not up to date? Try find the newest version of the Google Play Store on the Internet and install it on your device. You may also try those a little bit older versions when the newest one will not fix the problem. 
5. Clear cache and data of Google Play services - just like the first two options but in Google Play services. Go to Settings, choose "Google Play Services" and tap on "Clear catche". 


Google Play services


App Clear Cache
6. Log into your Google Account once again - Go to Settings, then "Accounts" and choose Google. Find your main Google Account, click on it and in the right upper corner choose option "Remove account". Then go back to the list of your accounts and add it once again. 




Google Account
7. Factory Data Reset - the most drastic option but it guarantees almost 100% efficency. Please do remember that by performing the factory data reset you are getting rid of all of your data and settings - the device will be as if it came directly from the manufacturer. In order to perform a hard reset operation, go to Settings, then Backup and reset and choose Factory Data Reset. You may also use some of the other methods which are mentioned on our website. We recommend making a backup of all of your data just to be certain you will not loose them all. 


Backup and reset


Factory data reset
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