Screenshot on CRICKET Splendor

How to take screenshot on CRICKET Splendor? How to capture screen in CRICKET Splendor? How to save screen on CRICKET Splendor?

The simple way to capture screen in CRICKET Splendor. After saving the screens you will be able to edit / share / delete captured screens in Android 11 Gallery. Click here to read more about screenshot.

How to screenshot on CRICKET Splendor?

  1. Let's stay on the screen with the content to capture. Permanently delete data from CRICKET Splendor
  2. Click the Power button + the Volume Down simultaneously. Remove screen password on CRICKET Splendor
  3. Excellent!

Second method:

  1. Expand the Upper menu by swiping down. Factory Reset CRICKET Splendor
  2. Now find and hit the Screen capture option. Master Reset CRICKET Splendor
  3. All right! You can check your screenshots in the Photos program. Wipe data on CRICKET Splendor
  4. Perfect!

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