Hard Reset DANGER Sidekick iD

  1. First locate the Reset button on your phone.
    * Reset button should be on the right side behind the screen.
  2. Hold the Power button, and press a small object, such as a pen or paperclip, into the Reset button.
    Hard Reset DANGER Sidekick iD
  3. Now press the Jump button to active the master reset.
    HardReset DANGER Sidekick iD
  4. Select Menu -> Settings -> Systems Info.
  5. Next press Menu + Shift + X at the same time.
    Factory Reset DANGER Sidekick iD
  6. Accept information in your screen choosing "Yes" to erase flash memory.
  7. After that press Menu + Shift + R at the same time and select "Yes" again.
    * This will erase your sign-in data.
  8. Press Menu + Shift + R and then choose "Yes".
    Master Reset DANGER Sidekick iD
  9. Insert a pen or paperclip into the Reset button while holding down the Power button.
    * The phone will vibrate. This completes the master reset.

Hard Reset will erase all of your data
All described operations you are doing at your own risk.

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