I forgot my screen lock code for DGM T-811D

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If you forget your password on DGM T-811D what can you do to log back in?

Sometimes we forget important things like card number, phone number, or PIN Code for your DGM T-811D. Thankfully we can solve this last situation easily just follow those few steps written below and you will be able to log to the DGM T-811D with your Google Account password. If you don't remember the Gmail password either we have prepared some alternative methods to log into DGM T-811D without code/pattern. 

First option - If you have a Google Account, you remember the password to it and you have an Internet connection. You can perform the following steps:

  1. The system should alert you after having typed it wrong password five times.
  2. Wait for about 30 seconds and try typing it again.
  3. In the left corner of the unlock interface, there should be "Forgotten the password". Click it.
  4. Now input your Google Account password and the DGM T-811D should be unlocked.
  5. You can also Hard Reset DGM T-811D using Android Recovery Mode.
  6. Alternatively use Google Find My Device app to unlock DGM T-811D without PIN or pattern.

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