Add Fingerprint DOOGEE BL12000 Pro

How to add fingerprint on DOOGEE BL12000 Pro? How to set up fingerprint protection in DOOGEE BL12000 Pro? How to use fingerprint unlocking on DOOGEE BL12000 Pro?

The below instructions are the answers to all above questions. Check out how to protect your DOOGEE device by using fingerprint screen lock protection.

  1. Everyone wants their information on the DOOGEE BL12000 Pro to be as secure as possible. If you are one of these people then this tutorial is for you. Now we’ll show you how to quickly and easily add a fingerprint to your DOOGEE BL12000 Pro. Let's start from the main menu. Here you need to swipe from the top of your screen and find the gearwheel. Tap on it to open settings.
    DOOGEE BL12000 Pro desktop DOOGEE BL12000 Pro Top menu
  2. All right. Now we can click on the "fingerprint" option. DOOGEE BL12000 Pro Fingerprint options
  3. Here you can see different functions when clicking on the fingerprint scanner, but we need the first one - "Fingerprint manager"DOOGEE BL12000 Pro Fingerprint manager
  4. At this stage your DOOGEE BL12000 Pro will explain you how it will working. Read it and press next.DOOGEE BL12000 Pro Setting up security
  5. Attention! Your device cannot use only a fingerprint as protection. Please select one of the proposed additional protection methods.DOOGEE BL12000 Pro Lock method
  6. Well done! Your data will be safe now. Thank you for watching our tutorial. We hope it was useful.

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