Change Language DOOGEE BL12000 Pro

  1. Hi, perhaps you faced with situation when your DOOGEE BL12000 Pro isn't on a language you know. It is very easy to change it. We'll show you. Just follow our guide. Firstly, we need to enter the settings app. Use top menu to open it.
    DOOGEE BL12000 Pro desktop DOOGEE BL12000 Pro Top menu
  2.  Afterward, go down till the end. Find and tap on "System" options.
    DOOGEE BL12000 Pro Settings window DOOGEE BL12000 Pro System options
  3. Now, we can see "Languages & input" line here. Click once on it.DOOGEE BL12000 Pro Language Options
  4. In this window, we need to press on the first one - languages.DOOGEE BL12000 Pro Change language
  5. Here, we finally can choose another language, press on the "plus" icon and input a language you need.
    DOOGEE BL12000 Pro Add new language DOOGEE BL12000 Pro Search language
  6. Then, you can also change preferences of languages using these keys. In our case we will prefere Spanish. DOOGEE BL12000 Pro Change language preferences
  7. That's it for this guide. We hope it was useful and it helped you.DOOGEE BL12000 Pro Another language

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