Change Language DOOGEE Mix

How to change language in DOOGEE Mix? How to choose the language in DOOGEE Mix? How to open a list of languages in DOOGEE Mix? How to get access to language settings in DOOGEE Mix?

We are coming to present how to change language in DOOGEE Mix. If you would like to switch the current language of your DOOGEE device, then stay with us to learn how to get access to the language settings in order to set up the most preferred language. Let’s use the below tutorial to locate the languages list and choose the language that is your desired one. Visit our YT channel and get more useful tutorials for DOOGEE Mix.

  1. If your DOOGEE Mix has another language you don't know, it's not a problem. Today we will show you how to change the language on DOOGEE Mix for a few steps. At the very beginning, you need to enter the settings app. You can do it using a top menu. Swipe down from the top of the screen and tap on the gearwheel. It is a settings icon.
    DOOGEE Mix desktop DOOGEE Mix Top menu
  2. Afterward, we can go to the very bottom and choose the system settings.
    DOOGEE Mix Settings window DOOGEE Mix System options
  3. Nextly, press once on the Languages & Input line. DOOGEE Mix Language Options
  4. Now, click again on the Languages option. DOOGEE Mix Change language
  5. In this window, you can see the languages installed in DOOGEE Mix and you can already add a new one. Just tap on the Add a language. DOOGEE Mix Add new language
  6. Here, you'll see a language's list and you can choose from there or you can input language you need in the input line. For example, we will change it in Spanish. DOOGEE Mix Search language
  7. We can also change language preferences. There are buttons near every added language. If you want your DOOGEE Mix use Spanish like the main language, press on this key and swipe to the top of the list.
    DOOGEE Mix Change language preferences DOOGEE Mix Another language
  8. Well done! Now you know how to change the language on the DOOGEE Mix for a few steps.

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