Add Keyboard Language FAIRPHONE 3+

  1. First of all, open Main Menu and go to the Settings app.
    Permanently delete data from FAIRPHONE 3+ Hard Reset FAIRPHONE 3+
  2. Now choose the System chapter and the Languages & input part.
    Restore FAIRPHONE 3+ Remove screen password on FAIRPHONE 3+
  3. Here select the Virtual keyboard and then, the Gboard option.
    Hard Reset FAIRPHONE 3+ HardReset FAIRPHONE 3+
  4. Then move to the Languages where push the Add keyboard tab.
    Master Reset FAIRPHONE 3+ Format FAIRPHONE 3+
  5. From the appeared languages pick one or more that you want. After, decide which type of input method you want and hit the Done button.
    Remove screen password on FAIRPHONE 3+ Remove Screen Lock on FAIRPHONE 3+
  6. All right, now you know how to add keyboard language. Hard Reset FAIRPHONE 3+
  7. Use the globe button on the keyboard to change language while texting.
    HardReset FAIRPHONE 3+ Master Reset FAIRPHONE 3+
  8. Excellent!

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