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Android Pay officially debuted in a lot of countries and is getting more and more popular. How to start using this app? How can use the Android Paying system? How to add your card? Let me introduce you into the Android Pay world!

Who can use Android Pay?

First of all, you need a device with Android 4.4 or newer. It is also necessary to have an NFC feature on your phone. The NFC has to be also activated in the Android Settings.

Currently, Android Pay is available for both MasterCard and Visa systems but it isn’t available in all banks. You have to check if your bank is giving you the opportunity to use this feature.

How to start using Android Pay?

It is very easy. You have to use the Google Play and find the Android Pay app. Read the description and install it. Afterwards launch the application and add our payment card. From now on you can use your phone as a wallet. Just put near the payment terminal and pay for your shopping or services.

How to add a card to Android Pay?

We can do it in three ways. If we already have a card linked to our Google Play account, the app itself suggests adding it to us. All you have to do is just agree.

The second way is to take picture of our card. As a result it will appear in the application. The Android Pay has a built-in scanner that is very accurate. Just set the card so that it covers the frame drawn on the display.

The third way is to manually enter the card number - here probably no one need to explain what to do.

After all, we still have to make a verification, so copy the CVC code on the back of our card. There is also additional security in the form of SMS or e-mail verification. The user will then receive a one-time code that must be entered into the application before finalizing the entire process.

How to pay by using Android Pay App?

It is really simple. Just find your phone and get it close to the terminal. What’s more you do not even need to unlock it! If everything goes well, we will see and icon with the payment card used to carry out the transaction, and above it the animation with the green bird. Then our phone will display a notification with the payment with the amount which has been made. It's worth mentioning that we have access to a full payment history within the Android Pay app.

In cases where the payment is higher than some security amount (depends on the country legislation) we must enter the PIN of the card we are currently using in Android Pay. We are currently doing this on the terminal, but Google wants to do everything solely on the phone. In the future instead of typing a PIN we will be able to use a fingerprint for verification purposes.

It is worth adding that we do not have to be connected to the internet. Android Pay also works offline, although the number of payments performed in this way is limited to a few.

What if we have added more cards to Android Pay?

Inside the application we can move the selected card to the top of the list - it is very intuitive. The first card from the list becomes our default card and will be used to payments. Of course, we can also select a card just for one transaction. This will only take a little longer because it will require us to manually launch Android Pay.

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