Hard Reset FITBIT Charge 2

How to factory reset FITBITCharge 2? How to wipe all data on FITBITCharge 2? How to restore default settings on FITBITCharge 2?

This tutorial will show you different methods of resetting your FITBITCharge 2 to factory settings. Check out how to perform the Hard reset using either hardware keys or Android settings. As a result, your FITBITCharge 2 software will be like new and your device should work faster.

  1. To start go to the www.fitbit.com and login it to your account.HardReset FITBIT Charge 2
  2. Then on the dashboard find Settings (Gear icon) and click it.Factory Reset FITBIT Charge 2
  3. Find and click on the device you want to remove.Master Reset FITBIT Charge 2
  4. Go to the bottom of the page and click "Remove Charge 2 from your account".Wipe data on FITBIT Charge 2
  5. To finish click "Remove" in order to remove the device.Format FITBIT Charge 2
  6. All done! Now your data should be erased from the tracker.

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