Hard Reset FITBIT Charge

How to factory reset FITBITCharge? How to wipe all data on FITBITCharge? How to restore default settings on FITBITCharge?

This tutorial will show you different methods of resetting your FITBITCharge to factory settings. Check out how to perform the Hard reset using either hardware keys or Android settings. As a result, your FITBITCharge software will be like new and your device should work faster.

  1. First, you need to attach the charging cable to your tracker, then plug it into the USB port on your computer or a charger.
  2. Now press and hold the button for about 2 seconds, then without releasing the button remove the charging cable from your tracker and wait for another 7 to 9 seconds after removing the cable.Hard Reset FITBIT Charge
  3. Then release the button and hold it down again.
  4. Wait until the "ALT" and white bar flashes on the screen, then release the button and hold it down again.
  5. When the word "VIBE" appears on the screen and the device starts to vibrate, release the button and hold it down again.
  6. Next, wait until you see the "ERROR" on the screen, then let go of the button and hold it down again.
  7. After you see the "ERASE" on the screen, release the button. Your tracker will turn off now.
  8. To turn on your tracker back on press the button or plug the charging cable into your tracker and USB port. If the time on your tracker reads 0:00, then the reset was successful. 

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