How to Reprogram GAOXINQI M699

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If you have a GSM or CDMA phone, the process for reprogramming will differ. Depending on the cellular carrier, the network technology varies. If it comes from another carrier, it's CDMA. GAOXINQI M699 uses a SIM card that stores the phone's number and network information. Reprogramming the phone is simply a matter of swapping SIM cards. You can also reprogram the feature phone by dialing a special programming code in the GAOXINQI M699 dialer. 

How to reprogram GAOXINQI M699 through phone settings:

You can use GAOXINQI M699 menu to reset all settings and restore defaults on GAOXINQI M699. As a result your GAOXINQI M699 will be as new and your CPU cores will run faster. Find out how to reformat GAOXINQI M699 here.

How to reformat GAOXINQI M699 using phone dialer:

Feature phones manufacturers always prepare a list of secret codes which could be used to perform various changes and tweaks in your phone. Check out what is a code to perform a full EEPROM reset on GAOXINQI M699.

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