Transfer Data to GARMIN-ASUS M10 Nuvifone

How to export training data from GARMIN-ASUS M10 Nuvifone manually and import it to Strava or Endomondo?

You can easily export the activities manually from your GARMIN-ASUS M10 Nuvifone watch by using the USB cable and a computer. Then you can import them to sites like Strava or Endomondo. Start by plugging your GARMIN-ASUS M10 Nuvifone watch to a computer using a USB cable usually used for charging. Then on your computer watch should be recognized as a drive. Go to ThisPC on Windows or use Finder on Mac to open the drive with the name of your watch. Now open the Garmin folder and then open the Activity folder.

All your training is saved in this folder. In it, you should see files with the FIT. extension, in the names of the files, should be dates of when they were recorded. Just select the files that you're interested in and copy them to desktop or some folder.

Now you can import your training data to a site. Just login to an account on the website of your choice and you should find a manual import option. In the case of Strava click on the "+" icon located in the top right corner, then click on Add manual entry. Now select File in the menu located on the left side and upload the file.

In the case of Endomondo you need to log in first, then select New training option, then click on import from file and select the files you want to import.

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