How to add and set up GOOGLE Home Mini in Google Home App?

The Google Assistant is the best application in terms of smart home management, with devices like the Google Home acting as a proxy to control lights, door locks, cameras and more. Learn how to add devices to Google Home App. How do you add devices, and which ones are compatible? All these questions are answered in the below instructions. It is a step by step guide which explains the process of adding a device to the Google Home App. You can use Google Home to control Philips Hue lights, change the temperature on your Google Nest thermostat and much more.

  1. First thing you need to do is to find Google Home App in Play Store and install it. google home app in play store
  2. Then click Get Started. google home app view
  3. Now choose which Google account use. google home app accounts
  4. At this moment you need to create a home, tap get started. Google home app create home
  5. Provide a name and an adress to your virtual home. google home app name and adress
  6. When you are in Google Home App main screen, click plus to add GOOGLE Home Mini. google home app add device
  7. Then select Set up device. google home app setup device
  8. Choose to which home you want to add device. google home app choose home
  9. Allow GOOGLE Home Mini to know your location. google home app allow location
  10. Your GOOGLE Home Mini should be found click Yes to set up this device. !!!IMPORTANT!!! If you can't find device you probably must Reset it, visit our website to find guides how to reset GOOGLE Home Mini and many other devices.  google home app device found
  11. If you want, you can share GOOGLE Home Mini stats and crushes reports to help them improve GOOGLE Home Mini functionality. google home app feedback assistance
  12. Choose to which room you want add GOOGLE Home Mini and confirm by clicking next. google home app room set up
  13. Allow to use stored Wi-Fi password to configure GOOGLE Home Mini network.
    google home app add device Wi_Fi connection google home app add device Wi_Fi connection
  14. You can teach Google Voice Assistant how to recognize voice commands which can ensure better voice recognition. google home app voice assistant
  15. Then you can agree to turn on personal results. google home app personal results
  16. Now you can add various music streaming services like Spotify or Google Music, link your account, and agree to all terms.
    google home app add spotify google home app add spotify google home app add spotify
  17. You can add also video streaming services like Netflix. google home app add netflix

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