Developer Options GOOGLE Pixel XL 2

Have you ever wonder how to find hidden functions in GOOGLE Pixel XL 2? By using this tutorial you can unlock GOOGLE Developer Settings. Check out how to enable developer options and use secret options of Android 8.0 Oreo.

  1. At the very beginning, unlock the GOOGLE Pixel XL 2 and swipe up to get access to the apps menu.GOOGLE Pixel XL 2 Developer Options
  2. Secondly, select Settings icon and System option nextly.GOOGLE Pixel XL 2 Developer Options
  3. Afterward, choose About Phone to get transfer to the advanced phone info.GOOGLE Pixel XL 2 Developer Options
  4. This is the time to tap a couple of times on the Build Number.GOOGLE Pixel XL 2 Developer Options
  5. Perfect job! Developer Options has been enabled perfectly! Now, you can smoothly manage developer features.

How to Enable Developer Options in GOOGLE Pixel XL 2 - Allow OEM Unlock - video

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