Bypass Google Verification GOOGLE Pixel XL 2

How to bypass Google Account protection in GOOGLE Pixel XL 2 with Android 8.x?

Necessary Tools and Drivers

  1. WiFi Network

Removing Google Account on the phone will erase all of your data.
All described operations you are doing at your own risk.
If want saves your data do a backup before start.
The battery should be at least 50% charged before the start.

Removing Google Account Verification from GOOGLE Pixel XL 2

When you're ready you can follow this tutorial.

  1. Turn on the GOOGLE Pixel XL 2 and connect to WiFi network.
  2. Back to the first page of Welcome screen where you can choose a language.
  3. Select Vision settings button.GOOGLE Pixel XL 2 tap vision settings button
  4. Next tap Talkback option to open a menu.GOOGLE Pixel XL 2 use talkback option
  5. Enable Talkback function, then confirm by press OK button.

    GOOGLE Pixel XL 2 enable talkback option

    GOOGLE Pixel XL 2 confirm enable by ok button

  6. Write by finger big "L" on the screen to open the talkback settings menu.GOOGLE Pixel XL 2 write big L on screen by finger
  7. Choose here Talkback Settings option.GOOGLE Pixel XL 2 press talkback settings
  8. Turn off Talkback by hold volume buttons together until you do not hear or see on screen information that Talkback is turned off.

Help! This doesn't work