Power Saving Mode GOOGLE Pixel XL 2

How to activate Power Saving Mode in GOOGLE Pixel XL 2? How to save battery in GOOGLE Pixel XL 2? How to extand battery life in GOOGLE Pixel XL 2? How to enable Power Saver in GOOGLE Pixel XL 2?

Did you forget to charge your device and now you deadly need it? There is no charger around and you have no idea what to do? Your GOOGLE gives you a great possibility to extend the life of your battery and its name is Battery Saver. Check out how to activate it and enjoy!

How to activate Power Saver in GOOGLE Pixel XL 2?

  1. Start with opening the upper barFactory Reset GOOGLE Pixel XL 2
  2. Secondly, select the Power saving mode icon.   Master Reset GOOGLE Pixel XL 2
  3. Thirdly, confirm your decision by tapping on Apply.
  4. If you would like to turn off Low Power Solution, click on the same icon one more time.
  5. In order to open the Battery Settings open the list of all AppsWipe data on GOOGLE Pixel XL 2
  6. Find and choose the SettingsFormat GOOGLE Pixel XL 2
  7. From the popped up list, pick Device Maintenance and go to the Battery.
  8. Now, you can use either Medium power saving mode or more restricted Maximum power saving mode.
  9. If you activated Maximum saver, and it's time to exit it pick more icon. Restore GOOGLE Pixel XL 2
  10. At the very end, pick Turn off Maximum power saving mode.
  11. Awesome! You have just extended your battery's life! 

How to Enable Power Saving Mode on GOOGLE Pixel XL - Save Battery in Pixel |HardReset.Info - video

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