Reset Apps & Settings HP Stream 7

How to reset apps and settings in HP Stream 7? How to restore app defaults in LENOVO Tab 4 10 (LTE)? How to delete app in LENOVO Tab 4 10 (LTE)?

The simple way to delete apps and restore settings in Windows 8. Read the tutorial below and enjoy using the default app settings in HP Stream 7.

  1. At the beginning press the Power key in order to switch on the HP Stream 7.Hard Reset HP Stream 7
  2. Afterwards, hold down the Shift key. If you're using the on-screen keyboard, tap or click the Shift key.Format HP Stream 7
  3. While the Shift key is still pressed, tap or click Restart option and confirm the operation.
  4. In the next step choose Troubleshoot.Restore HP Stream 7
  5. Next tap Reset your PC and confirm operation by pressing Next.Remove screen password on HP Stream 7
  6. Choose either Keep my files.HardReset HP Stream 7
  7. Begin the whole operation by clicking Reset.
  8. All done. Good. You have just performed the factory reset operation.

Reset Apps & Settings on the device will reset settings and erase all applications that are installed.
All described operations you are doing at your own risk.
If want saves your data do a backup before start.

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