Tips & Tricks HTC A616X (HTC Sapphire)

  1. How to Recover Contacts in HTC A616X (HTC Sapphire)

  2. How to strengthen the signal in HTC A616X (HTC Sapphire)?

  3. How to transfer the contacts using the Google Account in HTC A616X (HTC Sapphire)?

  4. IP Address in HTC A616X (HTC Sapphire)

  5. What to do if your phone is stolen

  6. What to do when Google Play does not function properly?

  7. Check HTC A616X (HTC Sapphire) IMEI number

  8. Clear Application Data

  9. 7 steps for configuration new HTC A616X (HTC Sapphire)

  10. How to manage auto-updates in HTC A616X (HTC Sapphire)?

  11. Deleting the Internet History

  12. How to format SD Card on HTC A616X (HTC Sapphire)

  13. How to open Developer Options in HTC A616X (HTC Sapphire)

  14. All you need to know about rooting in HTC A616X (HTC Sapphire)?

  15. Check Out Available countries (carrier) for HTC phones

  16. How to download YouTube files by using HTC A616X (HTC Sapphire)?

  17. How to make a WI-FI router out of HTC A616X (HTC Sapphire)?

  18. How to clean & boost HTC A616X (HTC Sapphire)?

  19. Fix "The application has stopped" in HTC A616X (HTC Sapphire)

  20. Google Play Errors in HTC A616X (HTC Sapphire)

  21. How to enable Apps in HTC A616X (HTC Sapphire)?

  22. How to detect which apps drain your battery in HTC A616X (HTC Sapphire)?

  23. How to install Adobe Flash Player on HTC A616X (HTC Sapphire)?

  24. How to lenghten the battery life in HTC A616X (HTC Sapphire)?

  25. How to enable HTC A616X (HTC Sapphire) to download apps from other sources than Google Play

  26. How to save battery life on HTC A616X (HTC Sapphire)?

  27. How to block apps with a password in your phone?

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