Firmware Change/Update HTC A617X (HTC Sapphire)

How to update / change / repair Firmware in HTC A617X (HTC Sapphire) by microSD card?

In this articles we will explain how to repair, change or update firmware in HTC A617X (HTC Sapphire) in a few simple steps. The whole process will be performed without any specialist tool by using just a computer and a microSD card.
Let’s start with a few things that we need know before downloading firmware needed for your phone.

  • CID = carrier ID, CID is like a firmware security code. For example: If your phone CID is HTC__034, then you need a firmware with the same CID as your phone.
  • Main-Ver = bootloader, if you have to flash your phone, and your phone main-ver is 2, then you need to flash your mobile with rom which main-ver is 2 or higher, you can't write rom which main-ver is 1 or lower than one on your mobile.
    (this depends on the security level of your phone S-ON or S-OFF when S-OFF you can downgrade firmware if S-ON you can't).
  • Phone Model ID - is the name that your phone got in firmware, you need to know this name to select the correct one.

Download Necessary Tools

  1. HTC Drivers
  2. Adb mini with Fastboot tools
  3. HTC A617X (HTC Sapphire) Firmware
  4. if any of these above don’t work, you may also try the following sites:

Installing Necessary Tools

  1. Install HTC drivers to get communication with the phone.
  2. Install ADB mini with Fastboot tools to get all necessary tools and rest adb drivers that we will need.

Downloading Necessary Firmware

  1. Firstly need read info from your HTC phone. Can do this follow the tutorial from here:
    How read info from HTC phone by usb cable
  2. Once we have all info, we search firmware by model ID and CID.
    (bootloader) product: a56_uhl
    (bootloader) version-main: 1.00.401.4
    (bootloader) cidnum: HTC__034
    (bootloader) security: on
    Bootloader security level

    As you can see, we need firmware for A56_UHL phone model with a minimum version of v1.00.401.4.
    The phone has S-ON which means we can't downgrade firmware on it and the cid number is HTC__034.
  3. To find the correct firmware, we must know the country to do this search by cid number for that check table on our page HTC country code.
    In this table, you need to find your phone cid number. When we have it. In the first column, we can see which firmware is dedicated to this given cid.
    Here HTC Europe means firmware without any brand for the area of Europe.How check correct firmware for our HTC cid table
  4. Now it’s time to search this firmware in order to download it. First, try our upload section. If you can’t find the firmware for your phone then, try other links that we provided above. To find the correct firmware, we need to find our phone product code. Example for A56_UHL it's very important to find firmware with exactly this model name. Every HTC firmware has the Product name and Country Customisation in this part of file name.How select correct HTC name in firmware
  5. When you find correct firmware, you need to select the correct one for our cid. As I mentioned before, we need to know the operator name get it from our table. For example, we need HTC Europe firmware that means we searching for a firmware that got word Europe in the file name.How select correct cid in HTC firmware
  6. After finding the product name and customisation, the last thing is checking if the firmware version that we have on our phone if is the same or higher because we have got S-ON so your phone can't be downgraded. In our example we need firmware v1.00.401.4 or higher.How check firmware version in HTC file
  7. This is firmware for our phone. Just download it and we can start flashing the phone.HTC firmware selecting

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