Bootloader Mode HTC Desire 10 Compact

How to get to get access HTC bootloader mode? How to open bootloader on HTC Desire 10 Compact? How to enter bootloader in HTC Desire 10 Compact?

Check out how to get access to hidden functions and secret options by using the bootloader of HTC Desire 10 Compact.

  1. First, turn the device off by pressing and hold Power button for a while.Hard Reset HTC Desire 10 Compact
  2. Then press and hold together Volume Down and Power button.HardReset HTC Desire 10 Compact
  3. Now using the Volume keys select option "Reboot to Bootloader", and then press Power button to confirm your choice.Factory Reset HTC Desire 10 Compact
  4. Success! You should be in the expected mode right now.Master Reset HTC Desire 10 Compact
  5. If you want to scroll options use Volume buttons and to confirm press Power button.

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