How to root HTC One M8

How Root HTC One M8 phone?

Necessary Tools and Drivers

  1. USB drivers
  2. Mini ADB and Fastboot
  3. Custom recovery
  4. SuperSU

Custom Recovery Download

  1. To download correct custom recovery for your HTC One M8 first you need know exactly phone model id(Manual here).
  2. Next when we know your phone model id go to the twrp page from and in search field write this phone model id to underscore, or just select HTC directory and then search your model on the list.
    example: you got A31_UHL phone model id on a twrp page just write A31 and select model from the list. custom recovery download and select correcly v3
  3. Next select download link from mirror and download latest version.

Installing Necessary Tools and Drivers

  1. Install USB drivers.
  2. Install Mini ADB and Fastboot.
  3. Change custom recovery name from what you downloaded to htc_recovery.img and copy to c:\adb directory.
  4. Copy to the memory card.

Rooting Tutorial

  1. First, we need unlock bootloader.
  2. Insert to phone memory card.
  3. Turn on HTC One M8 phone in fastboot mode and connect to usb cable.
  4. Open command prompt with admin rights
  5. Go to c:\Adb directory
  6. Use command fastboot flash recovery htc_recovery.img and press enter key. command line with admin right custom recovery in HTC phone
  7. Disconnect from usb cable.
  8. Now select in HTC One M8 by volume buttons hboot and press power button to confirm
  9. Select recovery and confirm by press power button
  10. The phone will turn on in the custom recovery that we write before.
  11. Select Install, then Storage selects microSD card.
  12. Next select file that you copied before to memory card.
  13. Swipe from left to right to confirm process. Wait until process end with success.
  14. Press Reboot System button to reboot the phone and end root process.
  15. Swipe from left to right to confirm process.

Congratulations. All goes well, your HTC One M8 is rooted now.

If you want to be sure that device is fully rooted best uses application from Google Play Store like Hard Root Checker. Just install it and turn on and you will have information about Root and Busybox status. Simple but very helpful.

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