Bypass Google Verification on HTC One M9

How to remove Google Account protection / Factory Reset protection in HTC One M9 ?

How to bypass google account on HTC One M9? 
How to bypass google verification on HTC One M9? 
How to remove frp in HTC One M9? 
How to active HTC One M9 without google account?
How to remove factory reset protection in HTC One M9?

1. Turn on your HTC One M9. HTC powered on on start screen
2. Connect to your wifi internet network. HTC powered on wifi network connect
3. Move to Google Account verification screen. HTC powered on google account screen
4. Hold longer keyboard setting button to enter settings HTC powered on keyboard setting button
5. Press Personal dictionary.

6. Tap any word in it or add a new one.

HTC keyboard setting menu personal dictonary select

7. Select any word to see pop up menu.

HTC keyboard setting menu personal dictonary new menu popup

8. Select more button menu and then assist button.

9. Next chrome browser will open, tap in it address and press enter.

htc chrome browser opened adress entered 10. If chrome browser ask tap accept and continue then if ask to log in No Thanks button press

11. Next, go to HTC directory on the page and select file Hardreset.info_shortcut_maker_2.4.apk to download. quickshortcut link arrow 12. The phone will ask to update permissions just tap a button and then allow button.

13. Next tap OK button to start download file.

14. When download ends you will see on right down side of screen open button that should press.
15. You will see the file that you downloaded just tap it to install, the phone will inform you that install is blocked because of permission to install the application from other sources than google store. Press settings button and in security menu check Unknown sources option. Then press back button to go back to download directory. quickshortcut app installation ok

16. Tap again Hardreset.info_shortcut_maker_2.4.apk file to start install QuickShortcutMaker, then press install button, next accept. When installation end tap open button quickshortcut app install success

17. Next enter in application google acc in search tab then tap Google Account Manager to see more information. Search for the option that got in name Type email and password. Press it then tap Try button.
18. Select in new windows more options button and then Browser sign-in, On new windows just press OK button that you know what you doing.
19. Enter your new google account that you know e-mail and password. Then press Next button.
20. Next enter password for your account and press Sign In button to add this account to this phone. When adding end with success windows will just close and come back to QuickShortcutMaker.
21. Turn off your HTC One M9 by power button.
22. Turn on your HTC One M9 by power button.
23. Next just follow start screen creator to close it, now HTC One M9 will not ask for any Google Account

24. To fully reset HTC One M9 from old Google Account just go to settings --> backups&reset and do factory reset phone.

That all now your HTC One M9 will restart and will be fully without any Google Account / Factory Reset protection.

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