Back Up Data in HUAWEI G9 Plus

How to backup date on HUAWEI G9 Plus by HiSuite software?

Necessary Tool and Drivers

  1. Huawei HiSuite
  2. Huawei Drivers

Manual how to backup data from your HUAWEI G9 Plus by USB cable

  1. Install Drivers for your HUAWEI G9 Plus.
  2. Install Huawei Hisuite.
  3. Connect HUAWEI G9 Plus to a computer by USB cable.
  4. Turn on Huawei Hisuite.Huawei HiSuite Connected with Phone
  5. The software should recognize your device. If not you should follow connection manual.
  6. Tap the Back Up button, wait to read all available data from the phone.Huawei HiSuite tap back up button
  7. Here you can select where you want to have your backup or live it in default directory in HiSuite directory.Huawei HiSuite select where save backup or live default
  8. Next, choose select all(to backup everything that software can from phone) or uncheck it and select what you want a backup from the phone.Huawei HiSuite choose select all
  9. If all done you got the last checkbox to select or not "encrypt with password", if you select this you must add a password to your backup and only with this password you will get possible to use it, if you forget then you can't(Use this only on a work computer or in a public place in the home much better is not use this because there is a safe backup).Huawei HiSuite select encrypt or not like you prefere
    Check or not like you prefer.
  10. Press Back Up button to start a process.Huawei HiSuite press back up button
  11. Just wait until you see a Complete message, then tap the Done button.Huawei HiSuite process in progressHuawei HiSuite procedure completedHuawei HiSuite press done button
  12. Congratulations, everything goes well and your data has been archived.
  1. How to backup date on HUAWEI G9 Plus by HiSuite software?

  2. How to do Back Up Data in HUAWEI G9 Plus

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