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How to Download and Install Google Services in HUAWEI Honor 30s?

How to Install Google Apps in HUAWEI Honor 30s? How to Download Google Apps in HUAWEI Honor 30s? How to Install Google Services in HUAWEI Honor 30s? How to Get Play Store in HUAWEI Honor 30s? How to Install Google Play Store in HUAWEI Honor 30s?

Welcome, in this tutorial we are going to show you how to Get Google Mobile Services on your HUAWEI Honor 30s, as we know, the latest Huawei Smartphones do not have Google Applications pre-installed. Follow our guide step by step and you will be able to use Google on your HUAWEI Honor 30s without any problems. Remember that you do it at your own risk, because these files are not available from official sources, in our case everything works fine, but you still need to be careful. Let's get started!

  1. For the first, you have to Download file, you can find it here
  2. If you have already Downloaded it, now Upload this file to Flash Disk or any other External Storage that you can connect to your HUAWEI Honor 30s through USB-C Port.
  3. Okay, now that you have Downloaded and Upload, connect your External Storage to HUAWEI Honor 30s via USB-C.
  4. Grab your HUAWEI Honor 30s and open Files.Files HUAWEI Honor 30s
  5. Move to the Categories.categories HUAWEI Honor 30s
  6. Click on USB Drive.usb drive HUAWEI Honor 30s
  7. Tap and hold HUAWEI Honor 30s
  8. From the Menu below choose More.more HUAWEI Honor 30s
  9. Right now select Extract to and in this window leave it with Current Directory and click on Ok.current directory HUAWEI Honor 30s
  10. New folder called Huawei has been created, we will go to it in a moment, but now go back to the Main Screen and enter the Settings.
    huawei HUAWEI Honor 30s Settings HUAWEI Honor 30s
  11. Go with System & Updates and next with Backup & Restore.
    system & updates HUAWEI Honor 30s backup & restore HUAWEI Honor 30s
  12. Select Data Backup, click on Next and Agree.
    data backup HUAWEI Honor 30s next HUAWEI Honor 30s agree HUAWEI Honor 30s
  13. Choose External Storage and USB Storage.
    external storage HUAWEI Honor 30s usb storage HUAWEI Honor 30s
  14. Here is only one option with Huawei Mate 30 Pro, so click on Back Up.backup HUAWEI Honor 30s
  15. Go with Select All option and confirm with the Restore all HUAWEI Honor 30s
  16. When the restore is complete, you have to use the Done button.done HUAWEI Honor 30s
  17. Now we have to go back to our extracted Huawei folder, so now do the same from step 4 to 6 and enter the Huawei folder.
  18. And we will perform Google Services Installation processes, click on first file 001-Google Play.001 HUAWEI Honor 30s
  19. Right here I recommend you to leave Marker on Don't Ask Me Again, because with each subsequent installation, we will not have to confirm this step anymore, and as you have seen, we have 7 files to install, so it will simply be faster, at the end use Allow button.don't ask me again HUAWEI Honor 30s
  20. And now everything will look the same, i.e. we open files with the initial name 002 to 004, click on Install button and after the installation process Done button.
    002-004 HUAWEI Honor 30s 1install HUAWEI Honor 30s 1done HUAWEI Honor 30s
  21. Now go back to the Main Screen and find the application with a large G on a white background, Open it and click on Activate.
    gapp HUAWEI Honor 30s activate HUAWEI Honor 30s
  22. Tap on Allow, and right now click 2 times to the blue Chinese Phrase and get out of here.
    allow HUAWEI Honor 30s phrase HUAWEI Honor 30s 2phrase HUAWEI Honor 30s
  23. Then we go to Settings again, but this time we have to enter Users & Accounts.
    Settings HUAWEI Honor 30s users HUAWEI Honor 30s
  24. Add an account and use the Google one and click on Ok, add your Google account by clicking on Existing.
    addanaccount HUAWEI Honor 30s google HUAWEI Honor 30s ok HUAWEI Honor 30s existing HUAWEI Honor 30s
  25. Wait a little bit, and right now you can Sing In with your E-mail and Password, after all, confirm with Sing In button.
    preparing HUAWEI Honor 30s sign in HUAWEI Honor 30s
  26. We have to wait a little bit again and tap on Next button.
    signing in HUAWEI Honor 30s 2next HUAWEI Honor 30s
  27. So, right now go back to the Huawei file, follow 4-6 steps.
  28. We return to the installation process, i.e. we do precisely the same as in step 20, except with applications 005, 006 and 007.
    005-007 HUAWEI Honor 30s 2install HUAWEI Honor 30s 2done HUAWEI Honor 30s
  29. We are already close, now we have to Restart our HUAWEI Honor 30s. Click and hold the Power button until 2 buttons pop up, Restart and Power Off, of course, click on the Restart and use Touch to Restart.
    restart HUAWEI Honor 30s touch to restart HUAWEI Honor 30s
  30. Right now you can open Play Store and enjoy it on your HUAWEI Honor 30s. As you can see, there is a small problem, I will show you how to fix it, if you don't mind it then you can go ahead and use Google Services, but if it's annoying to you then look at the next step.
    play store HUAWEI Honor 30s 2playstore HUAWEI Honor 30s
  31. Enter Settings, move to the Apps section and click again on the Apps.
    Settings HUAWEI Honor 30s apps HUAWEI Honor 30s 2apps HUAWEI Honor 30s
  32. Click on the right upper corner, select Show System Process and in the Search field type Google.
    3dots HUAWEI Honor 30s show system processes HUAWEI Honor 30s search google HUAWEI Honor 30s
  33. Go to all of these Google Apps, tap on Notifications and Turn Off Notifications with this Switcher.
    google apps HUAWEI Honor 30s notifications HUAWEI Honor 30s allow notifications HUAWEI Honor 30s
  34. In the end, you can erase the search Google field, go to the bottom of the list, where there will be a Chinese application with a large G and Uninstall it.
    2chinese app HUAWEI Honor 30s uninstall HUAWEI Honor 30s deactivate and uninstall HUAWEI Honor 30s
  35. That's all, if you have any questions, feel free to write to our Instagram or YouTube! It was nice to help you.

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