Block Number HUAWEI Nova 3i

The easy way to block number on HUAWEI Nova 3i. Let's find out how to create the blacklist on HUAWEI Nova 3i. By using our tutorail you can block both calls and text messages.

How to block a number in HUAWEI Nova 3i? How to add a number to Blacklist HUAWEI Nova 3i? How to enter a Keywords blacklist in HUAWEI Nova 3i? How to block a contact in HUAWEI Nova 3i? 

With call blocking, you can automatically reject incoming calls from specific phone numbers.
You can block messages in the same way. Take a look at the below tutorial and learn how to block a number HUAWEI Nova 3i

How to block a number in HUAWEI Nova 3?

  1. At the very beginning, tap on the Phone Dialer icon. Block number Nova 3i
  2. Secondly, click on the more icon. Block number Nova 3i
  3. Then, select Blocked
  4. Tap on the Settings icon located in the right upper corner. 
  5. Go to the Numbers blacklist.  Block number Nova 3i
  6. You can add some particular number by tapping on ADD and entering the proper number.
    There is also a possibility to Match prefix or add from contacts or messages.  Block number Nova 3i
  7. By selecting Keywords blacklist, you are able to block messages which contain the keywords will not be received. Block number Nova 3i
  8. There is also a Numbers whitelist. You can enter there these numbers, from which you will always receive a message - regardless of what it contains. Block number Nova 3i
  9. Brilliant! Now you don't have to worry about annoying calls! 

How to Block Number on HUAWEI Nova 3 - Block Calls and Messages |HardReset.Info - video

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