Top Tricks HUAWEI Nova 3i

Do you want to know the secret options that are hidden in your HUAWEI Nova 3i? Do you want to make your life with your HUAWEI easier, quicker and better? You've just found five helpful tips! These cool features will help you on your daily basis!

  1. Phone Manager

  2. Simple Mode

  3. Project Menu

  4. Eye Comfort

  5. Screen recording

Phone Manager 

How to optimise HUAWEI Nova 3i? How to scan HUAWEI Nova 3i? How to locate a virus in HUAWEI Nova 3i? How to clean up HUAWEI Nova 3o?

Do you suspect that your HUAWEI Nova 3i is infected by some virus, so you'd like to make sure and delete it if needed? It all can be done easily! Check out the below and learn how to quickly speed up your mobile! 


  1. At the very beginning, click on the OPTIMISE icon. Top Tricks Nova 3i
  2. Your HUAWEI will perform optimisation automatically. 
  3. When it's finished, tap on DONE icon. 


  1. At first, select the Cleanup icon to perform such process in your device. Top Tricks Nova 3i
  2. Tap on CLEAN icon to have your phone cleared. 
  3. Excellent! 

Virus scan

  1. Start with tapping on Virus scan icon. Top Tricks Nova 3i
  2. Your device will scan itself automatically.
  3. As only it's done select FINISH

Simple Mode

How to allow Simple Mode in HUAWEI Nova 3i? How to activate Simple Mode in HUAWEI Nova 3i? How to enable Simple Mode in HUAWEI Nova 3i? 

Would you like to have legible, simple Home Screen design? Your HUAWEI Nova 3i has an option which will help in achieving such a Desktop. It's named Simple Screen mode. Check out the below instruction, activate it within 5 steps and enjoy your sheer desktop!

  1. First of all, open the SettingsTop Tricks Nova 3i
  2. Then, find and choose the System icon.
  3. Thirdly, click on the Simple mode key. Top Tricks Nova 3i
  4. Finally, pick Apply to confirm your decision. 
  5. Great job! You've just activated the Simple Mode! Top Tricks Nova 3i

Project Menu

How to open Project Menu on HUAWEI Nova 3i?  

  1. Open phone dialer and enter the following secret code: *#*#2846579#*#* .

  2. The Project Menu will pop up. Top Tricks Nova 3i

  3. Now, you can choose the setting that you're interested in and check all information regarding the specific issue.
  4. Congrats, you did it!

Eye Comfort

How to enable Eye Comfort mode in HUAWEI Nova 3i? How to turn on Eye Comfort mode in HUAWEI Nova 3i? How to switch off the Eye Comfort mode in HUAWEI Nova 3i? How to activate Eye Comfort app in HUAWEI Nova 3i? How to adjust the display to your eye comfort in HUAWEI Nova 3i?

Would you like to say goodbye to dry, tired eyes, blurry vision and headaches? Check out the below tutorial on how to enable Eye Comfort mode and make your eyes less tired! 

  1. At the very beginning, open the upper bar.Top Tricks Nova 3i
  2. Secondly, activate Eye Comfort by tapping on its icon.Top Tricks Nova 3i
  3. In order to personalize the mode, hold down the icon for a bit longer.
  4. Finally, you can adapt it to your needs.Top Tricks Nova 3i
  5. Amazing, you did it! Now you can use your mobile with Eye Comfort mode activated.
  6. Once you want to quit it, just slide the icon left.
    Top Tricks Nova 3i

Screen recording

How to record a screen in HUAWEI Nova 3i? How to save screen actions in HUAWEI Nova 3i? How to activate screen recording in HUAWEI Nova 3i?

Would you like to show a friend some actions that are being done on your screen? Take a look at the below instruction and learn how to record a screen in HUAWEI Nova 3i! 

  1. At first, open the upper barTop Tricks Nova 3i
  2. Select the icon named Screen recordingTop Tricks Nova 3i
  3. The device will start recording the screen automatically, within 3 seconds. 
  4. To stop it, tap on the STOP icon in the upper, left corner.
  5. Well done! The screen has been recorded! 
  6. You can find all the recorded videos in the Gallery. 

Top Tricks HUAWEI Nova 3 - Best Features / Secret Options / Advanced Settings - video

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