How to Unlock Bootloader in HUAWEI P10 Lite phone?

Download Necessary Tools

  1. Huawei HiSuite
  2. mini ADB Drivers with Fastboot tools

Installing Necessary Tools and Drivers

  1. Install Huawei HiSuite to get communication with the phone and all necessary drivers.
  2. Install ADB mini with Fastboot tools to get all needed tools and rest of ADB drivers that are required.
    • Windows 10 users should additionally go into c:\Windows\inf and search for the file "wpdmtp.inf". Press the right button on it and select INSTALL

Read All Necessary Information from HUAWEI phone

To unlock bootloader we need to get some information about your HUAWEI P10 Lite like:

  • Phone Model Name
  • Product IMEI or MEID
  • Product Serial Number
  • Product ID(unique for our phone name)
  • Phone Model Name and IMEI/MEID you will find in Phone Menu >>> Settings >>> About Phone Huawei phone menu Huawei phone about menu
  • Product Model Name Huawei Product Name
  • Product IMEI or MEID(Primary IMEI if the phone is dual sim) Huawei IMEI
  • Product ID(unique for every phone name)and Serial Number you can get it from the phone service menu.
    To do that enter on a phone keyboard *#*#1357946#*#*

    That will open a service menu with all information. Huawei Product ID Huawei serial number
  • Serial Number you can get also from website.
  • That's all, now we have all the necessary information to unlock Bootloader.

Getting Bootloader Unlock Code

  1. Official solution by HUAWEI is:
    • Create an account on Huawei page or log in if you got one.
    • Open Unlock Bootloader Form and file all details with data from HUAWEI P10 Lite that we got from the above tutorial.
    • Wait for Unlock Bootloader Code from Huawei(this can take up to 7days) that will be sent by e-mail.
  2. The second method that will let you get code straight away is to use DC-UNLOCKER software but it's not for free and your phone must st
  3. The last solution will help to generate Bootloader Unlock Code by IMEI/SN when HUAWEI P10 Lite can't be turned on to read necessary data.

Unlocking Bootloader Manual

  1. Turn on HUAWEI P10 Lite in fastboot mode. Fastboot mode in Huawei phone
  2. Open a command prompt from start menu with admin rights(if windows ask about rights just press YES). command prompt run with admin
  3. If you do not change default folder ADB and FASTBOOT files are in C:\ADB
  4. Next, you need to go into this directory using the command:
    • Type cd\ and press enter key.
    • Type cd adb and press enter key.
  5. Next use the fastboot command:
    • fastboot devices and press enter button fastboot devices command
      This command checks communication with phone and confirms that all drivers are installed correctly.
    • fastboot oem unlock 123456789 and press enter button
      Where123456789 is our Bootloader Unlock Code from Huawei. bootloader unlocked screen
      This command will Unlock Bootloader in HUAWEI P10 Lite.
  6. The HUAWEI P10 Lite will restart now and after that the Bootloader is Unlocked. What allows you to ROOT, Change, Repair, Update firmware in your HUAWEI mobile.

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