Add Fingerprint HUAWEI P20 Pro

How to add fingerprint on HUAWEI P20 Pro ? How to set up fingerprint protection in HUAWEI P20 Pro ? How to use fingerprint unlocking on HUAWEI P20 Pro ?

The below instructions are the answers to all above questions. Check out how to protect your HUAWEI device by using fingerprint screen lock protection.

  1. Open Settings. Remove screen password on HUAWEI P20 Pro
  2. Go to Security & privacyFactory Reset HUAWEI P20 Pro
  3. Now open
  4. To setup Fingerprint ID you have to setup Pin or Pattern lock first. Master Reset HUAWEI P20 Pro
  5. Now, go to Password and choose e.g Pattern

    Wipe data on HUAWEI P20 Pro

    Format HUAWEI P20 Pro

  6. Set your Pattern

    Restore HUAWEI P20 Pro

    Remove screen password on HUAWEI P20 Pro

  7. Tap Done to confirm or Redraw Pattern. Remove Screen Lock on HUAWEI P20 Pro
  8. Now you can Enrol your Fingerprint ID. To finish setup Fingerprint ID on your HUAWEI P20 Pro check our video below.Permanently delete data from HUAWEI P20 Pro


How to Add Fingerprint in HUAWEI P20 - Fingerprint Management |HardReset.Info

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