Top Tricks HUAWEI P20

Can you imagine that your HUAWEI P20 has plenty of truly cool, hidden options? Would expand your knowledge about this mobile and come along with all most valuable tricks that your device offers? Take a look at the below top tips and check out the coolest features that HUAWEI P20 have.

  1. Eye Comfort

  2. Storage Cleaner

  3. Simple mode

  4. Gloves mode

  5. Screenshots 

Eye Comfort

How to turn on Eye Comfort mode in HUAWEI P20? How to activate Eye Comfort app in HUAWEI P20? How to adjust the display to your eye comfort in HUAWEI P20? How to enable Eye Comfort mode in HUAWEI P20?

Are your eyes terribly tired of using a mobile? HUAWEI P20 have an amazing mode named Eye Comfort. It will help you keep your eyesight in good condition and will increase the comfort of mobile's usage. Take a look at the below tutorial on how to activate this mode. 

  1. Start with opening the upper bar.
    Eye Comfort P20

  2. Secondly, select Eye Comfort icon to activate this mode.
    Eye Comfort P20

  3. In order to personalize this mode, hold down the icon for a bit longer.

  4. At the very end, you can adapt it to your needs.
    Eye Comfort P20

  5. Excellent! Now you can use your mobile with Eye Comfort mode activated.

  6. To switch it off, simply slide the icon left.
    Eye Comfort P20

Storage Cleaner 

How to activate Storage Cleaner in HUAWEI P20? How to delete junk data in HUAWEI P20? How to enable Storage Cleaner in  HUAWEI P20? 

When you need to delete some junk data from your mobile, your HUAWEI P20 gives you the opportunity to make a general storage cleaning. Take a look at the below tutorial and learn how to do it.

  1. Firstly, open the Settings.
    Storage Cleaner  P20
  2. Then, scroll the menu down and choose the Storage icon. 
    Storage Cleaner P20
  3. Find and select Storage Cleaner which is located at the very bottom of this menu. 
  4. Finally, tap on Clean. 
  5. Give your device a few seconds till the cleaning is done.
  6. Great! All junk data has been deleted from your HUAWEI P20! 

Simple mode 

How to activate Simple mode in HUAWEI P20? How to enable Simple mode in HUAWEI P20? How to allow Simple mode in HUAWEI P20?

Would you like to have legible, simple Home Screen design? Your HUAWEI P20 has an option which will help in achieving such a Desktop. It's named Simple Screen mode. Check out the below instruction, activate it within 5 steps and enjoy your sheer desktop!

  1. At first, go to Settings. 
    Storage Cleaner  P20
  2. Secondly, find and choose the System icon.
  3. Thirdly, click on the Simple mode icon. 
    Simple Mode P20
  4. Tap Apply to confirm your decision. 
  5. That's it! Enjoy your new, simple screen! 
    Simple Mode P20

Gloves mode 

How to enable Gloves mode in HUAWEI P20? How to activate Gloves mode in HUAWEI P20? 

Do you know that there is a possibility to use your HUAWEI P20 with your gloves on? Check out how to activate special Gloves mode in your device and enjoy texting or searching for some information even while negative temperatures! 

  1. Firstly, go to Settings. 
    Storage Cleaner  P20
  2. Then, find and select Smart assistance icon. 
  3. Finally, enable the Gloves mode by swiping its icon right. 


How to take a screenshot by using knock knock method in HUAWEI P20? How to make a screenshot with HUAWEI P20? How to take a screenshot with HUAWEI P20?  How to capture screenshot in HUAWEI P20?

Have you ever wondered what is the quickest way to take a screenshot of the entire screen? It's definitely knock knock method! Take a look at the below instruction and take a screenshot within a second! 

  1. Knock twice on the screen.
  2. Great, that's it! The screenshot has been taken! 

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