Reset Camera HUAWEI P9

How to restore camera factory settings in HUAWEI P9? How to Repair Camera in HUAWEI P9? How to restore factory defaults in HUAWEI P9? How to fix camera settings in HUAWEI P9?

Did you mix something with your Camera Settings, things got trickier and you are not able to fix it? Would you like to restore the factactory defaults? Taka a look at the below, and repair your Cam settings within one minute! 

  1. Firstly, find and choose the Camera app.
    Restore P9
  2. Secondly, open the right bar. 
    Restore P9
  3. Then, scroll down the menu and click on the Restore defaults icon. 
    Restore P9
  4. Tap OK, and wait till your Camera is restored,
  5. Perfect! You've just got back to the origin settings. 

How to Repair Camera in HUAWEI P9 Plus - Reset Camera Settings - video

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