Wipe Cache INFINIX Zero 5

How to format cache in INFINIX Zero 5? How to remove temporary cache files in INFINIX Zero 5? How to speed up the INFINIX Zero 5 by simple wipe cache partition process?

Does your smartphone running slowly or reacting on your commands with delay? You are tired of waiting until the phone's screen unfreeze? We have the best solution for your issues, it's a very simple and quick process which removes all of the temporary cache files from your device. Wiping the cache files process doesn't affect personal files, unlike master reset.

How to Wipe Cache in INFINIX Zero 5?

  1. In the very beginning, switch off the phone by using Power Button.Hard Reset INFINIX Zero 5
  2. Secondly, hold down Volume Up and Power Button together for a couple of seconds.HardReset INFINIX Zero 5
  3. When the INFINIX Logo pops up, release both held keys.Format INFINIX Zero 5
  4. If No Command XOS Logo appears on the screen, hold Power Rocker and click Volume Up button once.Restore INFINIX Zero 5
  5. Now form the Recovery Menu select Wipe Cache Partition by using Volume Keys to scroll down and Power Button to accept that.
  6. After a short while, the whole process should end.
  7. Lastly, choose Reboot System Now use the Volume Keys to highlight it and Power Rocker to confirm that.Factory Reset INFINIX Zero 5
  8. Good job, you removed temporary files from your device successfully.

How to Wipe Cache Partition in INFINIX Zero 5 - Reset Temporary Cache Files - video

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