How to save battery life on INTEX Cloud Gem+?

How to extend battery life on INTEX Cloud Gem+?


In order to extend the work of your battery you can also use simple and quite obvious solutions which you will find below. 


1. Adjust brightness
Nowadays the mobile devices are equipped with bigger and bigger screens (even the Apple device are following that trend). However, the screen is the biggest energy devourer so if you wish to save your battery, you should start with that. First of all, check the settings of brightness - if it is set close to maximum, it will eat up the battery very quickly. The most efficient way is to keep it in the middle, maybe a bit closer to the minimum (but still bright enough to read).
In some devices, there is a possibility to automatically adjust brightness, which comes in handy with different weather conditions. Hard Reset INTEX Cloud Gem+
You can find the above features here: Settings>Display and Wallpaper (Screen) >Brightness Permanently delete data from INTEX Cloud Gem+
Additionally, you should set the appropriate time for the screen to black out (30 seconds is enough).
In order to change screnn timeout go to: Settings>Screen>Screen timeout. HardReset INTEX Cloud Gem+
2. Automatic power saving mode
Even when you do not use your device, it still does some work (synchro, updates etc). Each of those uses up your battery. Thankfully, Android offers the Power Saving mode, which makes your device use less energy that normally (less frequent email checking, synchro etc). You can turn this mode on anytime you wish. What is more, you can also set the automatic turning on this mode when the battery reaches a certain level (usually below 5% or 15%). Factory Reset INTEX Cloud Gem+
You should go through the following path to use the mentioned features: Settings>Battery>Power saving mode. Master Reset INTEX Cloud Gem+
3. Use "Power saving" instead of "High Accuracy" in Location
In order to identify the exact location of the device, you can use three sources: GPS, WIFI and your mobile network, However, using the mode "High Accuracy" uses up a lot of energy. When you do not need the very precise locations, you can turn off the GPS signal and use only WIFI or mobile network ("Power Saving" mode) - it will surely decrease the usage of your battery. Permanently delete data from INTEX Cloud Gem+
You can find the above option here: Settings>General>Location>Mode. Remove Screen Lock on INTEX Cloud Gem+
4. Google photos
If you use the Google Photos app, you will surely be asked to do backups. If you agree, the application will perform those backups while connected to the WIFI Internet. However, it you do not care about your photos being uploaded to the Internet right away (after getting the WIFI connection), you may just turn it into "While charge only" which will definitely relive your battery. Wipe data on INTEX Cloud Gem+
In order to accomplish this go to : Google Photos>Settings>Auto Backup Format INTEX Cloud Gem+
5. Static wallpaper
Vivid, live wallpapers look very good on your screen. However, the animations which they use, tend to use up way more battery that a normal, static wallpaper. Restore INTEX Cloud Gem+
You can choose your "normal" wallpaper by going to: Settings>Display and Wallpaper. Remove screen password on INTEX Cloud Gem+

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