Open Admin Page on IP-COM W40AP

How to open IP-COM W40AP admin page:

To change IP-COM W40AP settings you need to open IP-COM W40AP admin page. To do that you need to check what is IP-COM W40AP IP address. You will also need IP-COM W40AP password and default router login.

  1. The first thing you need to do is to connect to IP-COM W40AP.
  2. Next, find router IP, you can check IP-COM W40AP IP here.
  3. Then open a web browser and enter the router IP address in the address field. IP-COM W40AP Default IP in web browser
  4. You will see IP-COM W40AP login page.
    IP-COM W40AP Default password
  5. Enter IP-COM W40AP factory login :: admin; and default router password :: admin
  6. Fantastic! You should see IP-COM W40AP settings main page, where you can change customize IP-COM W40AP Wi-Fi name and WiFi password.

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