Hard Reset IROBOT Roomba 895

You can reset IROBOT Roomba 895 back to its default settings. Learn how to Factory Reset IROBOT Roomba 895.
Follow our instructions and all IROBOT Roomba 895 settings will be reset to defaults. All data saved on IROBOT Roomba 895 will be pernamently deleted so think twice before you proceed with IROBOT Roomba 895 reset operation. If your Roomba 895 Roomba 895 is stuck or freezes during cleaning or you have problems with Wi-Fi connection, follow this simple guide and after IROBOT Roomba 895 reset errors should disappear. IROBOT Roomba 895 will also be deleted from iRobot App, and you will set up Wi-Fi conection again.

First method:

  1. Press and keep holding the Dock and Spot Clean, and Clean keys down. IROBOT Roomba 895 home spot and clean buttons
  2. All IROBOT vacuum LED's will be light up.
  3. Let off all the buttons.
  4. Fantastic! IROBOT Roomba 895 is reset and you need to add it once again to iRobot Home App.

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Hard Reset will erase all of your data.
All described operations you are doing at your own risk.
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