Hard Reset IROBOT Roomba S9+

You can reset IROBOT Roomba S9+ back to its default settings. Learn how to Factory Reset IROBOT Roomba S9+.
Follow our instructions and all IROBOT Roomba S9+ settings will be reset to defaults. All data saved on IROBOT Roomba S9+ will be pernamently deleted so think twice before you proceed with IROBOT Roomba S9+ reset operation. If your Roomba S9+ Roomba S9+ is stuck or freezes during cleaning or you have problems with Wi-Fi connection, follow this simple guide and after IROBOT Roomba S9+ reset errors should disappear. IROBOT Roomba S9+ will also be deleted from iRobot App, and you will set up Wi-Fi connection again.

First method:

  1. Press and Hold the Dock and Spot Clean, and Clean buttons down. IROBOT Roomba S9+ spot home clean buttons
  2. The white light ring around the CLEAN butt will start to swirl. IROBOT Roomba S9+ light
  3. You can release all the buttons.
  4. Good Job! Now all IROBOT Roomba S9+ settings are set to its default values.

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Hard Reset will erase all of your data.
All described operations you are doing at your own risk.
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