Hard Reset ITEL IT5600

How to factory reset ITEL IT5600? How to wipe all data in ITEL IT5600? How to bypass screen lock in ITEL IT5600? How to restore defaults in ITEL IT5600?

The following tutorial shows all method of master reset ITEL IT5600. Check out how to accomplish hard reset by hardware keys and Vendor settings. As a result your ITEL IT5600 will be as new and your   core will run faster.

First method:

  1. The first method of performing Hard reset on your ITEL IT5600 begins with unlocking your phone using the Left and Star keys.Master Reset ITEL IT5600
  2. After this you have to enter the Main menu using Left key and then use Navigation keys to go to the Settings menu.
    HardReset ITEL IT5600 Factory Reset ITEL IT5600
  3. Now you have to go down do the Restore factory settings option and select it.
  4. Next you have to input the standard 1234 PIN and confirm it twice pressing Left key.HardReset ITEL IT5600
  5. Well done! Your ITEL IT5600 will be fully restored to its default settings in a while.
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