Portable Hotspot KARBONN TITANIUM S320

How to create portable hotspot on KARBONN TITANIUM S320? How to enable mobile hotspot in  Android 4.4 KitKat? How to share Wi-Fi from KARBONN TITANIUM S320.

Use the Android 4.4 KitKat setting in order to set up portable hotspot. Afterwards you will enjoy using the mobile hotspot of KARBONN TITANIUM S320.

  1. At the first stage, we need to open Menu.Wipe data on KARBONN TITANIUM S320
  2. Nextly, enter the Settings App.Format KARBONN TITANIUM S320
  3. From this list of options, you can select More.Hard Reset KARBONN TITANIUM S320
  4. Here, we can choose Tethering & portable hotspot.HardReset KARBONN TITANIUM S320
  5. In this step, select chapter Wi-Fi hotspot settings and user management.Factory Reset KARBONN TITANIUM S320
  6. Now, press once on Set up Wi-Fi hotspot.Master Reset KARBONN TITANIUM S320
  7. In this window, you can configure the name of a hotspot, password and type of security. After that, save your data.Wipe data on KARBONN TITANIUM S320
  8. Finally, switch it on.Format KARBONN TITANIUM S320
  9. All right! Now your KARBONN TITANIUM S320 can share mobile internet and you know how to create a hotspot. Tell your friends about this guide.

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